Peter Mars 'Giant'

Peter Mars 'Giant'

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Peter Mars (b. 1959) 'Giant'


  • Width: 36"
  • Height: 24"

Original signed, 'Giant' Acrylic on Canvas by Peter Mars.

Artist Info:

Peter Mars, born in Portland, Oregon in 1959, has always been skilled in the visual and performing arts. However, feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of performing on his musical instruments, he turned to creating art instead. He collected various items that he found aesthetically pleasing, such as baseball cards, comic books, and images from magazines.

After obtaining a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Reed College in 1982, Mars relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana to immerse himself in the vibrant culture of the French Quarter. During this time, he discovered the work of Alexander Calder, whose use of bold colors and serigraphy piqued Mars' interest.

He quickly learned the art form and eventually moved to Chicago in 1988, one of the leading art communities in the US, where he has become a prominent figure in the Avant Pop movement. Mars' work has been featured in numerous prestigious exhibitions and is featured in the collections of notable figures.


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